SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

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Basic Social Media Threat Assessment Learning Outcomes

  • Social Media Threats
    • Currently, one of the most common digital threats we assist school districts and law enforcement with:
    • A Snapchat post warning of a school shooting.
    • What are your next steps…?
    • You will leave this training with a better understanding of how to handle such situations!
  • Current State of Affairs in Social Media: A Safe Schools Perspective
    • What we see from a state, national, and North American lens
    • How social media continues to impact the safety, culture, and climate of our schools
    • How to crowdsource localized and time-relevant social media posts from your school and area
    • Current research relating to technology use and its impact on adolescent brains
  • Application of Digital Threat Assessment Theoretical Foundations
    • How the fundamental principles of Behavioral Threat Assessment apply to online digital data
    • How to adequately assess whether an individual poses a risk to a target based on information from the online world
    • Current best practices for teams dealing with sexting and sextortion related incidents as well as guidelines around education and awareness
  • Current Social Media Platforms – Their Use, Misuse and Associated Risks
    • Detailed overviews of the most popular and least common (but essential) Apps
    • Live walkthroughs and hands-on activities
    • Snapchat evolution: basics and advanced
    • Instagram: hashtags, best practices, and location-based searching
    • Vault Apps
    • Identifying, responding to and preventing cyberbullying and online hate
    • Impersonation and defamation accounts: best method for removal
    • Current best practices for teams dealing with sexting and sextortion related incidents as well as guidelines around education and awareness
  • Online Verification and Authentication of Images
    • Using free online tools to ascertain whether a photo/image is unique or stock
    • Exercises that will test your eyes to notice the small details within online photographs/videos
    • Screen capturing and documenting online content for both evidentiary and school safety purposes
  • The Vast Data Landscape from Smartphones, Search Engines, & Social Media
    • Tracking capabilities and data stored
    • Examining metadata of photographs
    • Best practices for documenting and preserving crucial digital data
    • Boolean search operators, cache data and Google alerts
  • Privacy
    • Don’t use your personal accounts!! Solutions and best practices
    • Facebook privacy checkup: implications and fundamentals
    • Staff safety: things to know
    • Safeguards to protecting yourself and your family’s personal information online
Webinar Training

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Apart from a PC we suggest laptops/Microsoft Surface Pro, MacBook or Google Chromebooks for you to get the best from the hands-on portion of the training. Tablets are not compatible with some aspects of the training and searching capabilities are restricted with iPads. You should make sure that devices are fully charged and be ready to go.

If it is at all possible it may be advantageous to have a second device handy.  This will enable you to do the exercises while still being able to see the online training information.

There will be a break for lunch and breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

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